A special offer after the three-day Fitzmaurice voicework summit

Two free online Fitzmaurice voicework classes for all students and ex-students of mine

and  50 % off on all individual sessions until 9th of September.

Kære alle nuværende og tidligere elever     -      Dear all students and ex students of mine


After the the three-day  Fitzmaurice voicework summit I offer two one-hour voice classes.

The first one is right after the summit on Tuesday the 11th , the other one will be two weeks later, on Tuesday the 25th of August.

Both sessions will start at 10 am CEST (Copenhagen time.)

As always, please bring a little bit of text. This time I would like you all to chose three or four lines from Shakespeare’s King Lear in English, Danish or whatever language you feel most connected to.


The online sessions will be on ZOOM.  

When you sign up for the free class I’ll send you the link.


Please sign up via e-mail  or Messenger

I look forward to working with you.


All the best,